My research interests focus on the following scientific fields:

  • Biomechanics
  • Biomechanical Characterization of Built-in Materials
  • Nanotechnology
  • Modeling Hybrid Systems
  • BioPhysics
17/10/2018 – 14/03/2020

Special Account for Research Funds, EMATTECH

Groundwater Resource Management For Non-Potable Water Purposes, Basement Protection, And Heating - Pilot Application (Green Pump)

05/1/2015 – 04/07/2015

Prisma Electronics SA

Design, Development, Manufacture And Qualification Of The Power Processing Unit (PPU) For The Hall Effect Thruster (HET) Electric Propulsion (EP) Subsystem For Small Satellites

01/1/2015 – 30/06/2015

Prisma Center, Komotini, Greece

Intelligent Low Consumer Sensory Networks Architecture for Environmental Management - ALPINE
Working packages 1,3,5,7

01/03/2013 – 30/06/2015

Special Account for Research Funds, EMATTECH

Data Collection System through Wireless Sensor Networks and Knowledge Management, for Remote Monitoring and Analysis of the Condition and the Performance of Ships

  • System Specifications
  • Development of Visual Sensors
  • Software development for the ship Server
  • System Development
Scientific Supervisor: Prof. L. Magkafas


Special Account for Research Funds, EMATTECH

Thales -TEI of Kavalas

  • Kick - off meeting
  • Publicity - Dissemination of Results
  • 2nd Experiment
  • 3rd Experiment
  • Report of physicochemical characterizations
  • Simulation Report
  • Software

01/04/2008 – 31/12/2009

Special Account for Research Funds, EMATTECH

Optimization of power factor in the business area of the Prefecture of Kavala drafting and evaluating an educational plan
Subject: Design of techno-economic problems
Scientific Supervisor: Prof. P. Antoniadis


Special Account for Research Funds, EMATTECH

Modeling and Control of Electrical Machines Interconnected on Power Generation System
Subject: Software development for the computer simulation of electrical power production system
Scientific Supervisor: Prof. D. Bandekas

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